We work in a variety of Studios from Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Burbank which include various top level Engineers, Co-producers and Co-writers.

The consultation is essential for every artist at any level. Blue’s one on one Skype session is a real A&R meeting focusing on your music and direction, while providing constructive criticism, and guidance. We will discuss, evaluate, and improve your…


    • Chord Changes, Hooks, Melodies, Lyrics, Arrangement, Production the possibility of writing together in the studio.Sound Design
    • Musical Production and Sound Identity & How to Achieve It

Vocal Identity

    • We discuss how to help you become an immediately recognizable singer by finding your hidden strengths.


    • Is your performance Genuine and Inspired?

Uniqueness & Urgency

    • Who are you & What makes you Special? Why should I buy YOUR Music as opposed to someone you sound like?


    • Is the sound & sonic quality of your music current, innovative, marketable and relevant to todays demand?


    • What you show the world visually is what they will associate the music with. Does your sound fit your image?

Demographics & Marketing

    • What age, gender, part of the world, economic level is your audience and how can we tailor your music to reach them?

Social Media

    • We work with executives who help build your fan base on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, etc. We will discuss how you are reaching your target audience.

Current Sound Discussion:

    • Are you Radio ready? We will review what Labels are looking for Right Now. Don’t chase a sound,…try to be on the forefront.

strong>Film & TV placements

    • We work with various music supervisors and have gotten hundreds of synchs. We are always looking for opportunities.

Film, TV, Video and Event Locations


  • Jeff has lectured at countless Universities, Colleges, Showcases, and Legal and Music Conferences around the world.
  • Jeff has taught two classes at UCLA: “Artist Development in the Music Business” and “Songwriting”.
  • He has taught at Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA. : “A&R”; “Live Performance”; & “Career Guidance Counselor”


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